About Us

SALUS & VERT ENGINEERING SERVICES LIMITED [SVESL]  (RC 1317190) is an indigenous Safety and Engineering, Management and Technical Services company that has been in business since 2014 and was incorporated as a limited liability company on 23rd February 2016 to provide  HSE Consultancy / Training , Engineering, Procurement services for the Nigerian Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemicals and Industrial sector.


Our mission in SALUS & VERT could be summarized as follows:
• To provide Quality Engineering, Technical and Management services to meet our customers’ requirements while ensuring that they derive maximum benefits from their investment.
• To contribute to the human resources development of our clients by enhancing their knowledge and skills through training intervention in various aspects of operation and technical development.
• Achieve and sustain customer respect by adopting international standards of excellence in our products and services.


SALUS & VERT ENGINEERING & SERVICES INTERNATIONAL LTD (SVESL) was incorporated in Nigeria in 2016 as a wholly indigenous Safety, Environment, Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Construction service company in Nigeria.
Our areas of services Include







Occupational Safety, Health And Environmental Management
Our HSE Management services include Safety Audit, Safety and Environmental Management and Training, Maintenance of HSE equipment and consultancy in Health, Safety and Environmental matters.  We also provide Hazard and Operability study [HAZOP] services for new and existing projects.


SVESL has the capability to procure any technical equipment and spare parts from any part of the world.  Our areas of focus include Safety and Environmental protection equipment, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation equipment and their spares. Our procurement services includes:
 Procurement of Personal protective equipment, Environmental and Fire service protection equipment for various organizations all over Nigeria.

 Supply and installation of pumps, compressors, packaged cooling equipment, Control valves, Pressure Pipes, Chiller packages, Gaskets telecommunication equipment and a host of other equipment

Engineering, Maintenance And Construction Services:

Our Engineers provide the latest and best services in Construction and Maintenance to support our clients’ growth efforts. Our key areas of focus are Chemical/Process Engineering, Safety and Environmental Engineering, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical/Instrumentation Installations.
Fire Alarm System Design, Supply And InstallationWe have a competent team of Fire Consultants to carry out site assessments, designs, supply, installation, commissioning and handing over of the various types of fire alarm systems while training client’s delegated personnel on its operation.

 Electrical Installations

We are well equipped to carry out Rural Electrification projects, Installation of electrical supply equipments such as transformers and power distribution in any part of the country as a turnkey projects for our clients as may be desired.

Manpower Development:

One of our cardinal philosophy is that “the key to Excellence is people”.  In SALUS & VERT, one of our divisions is SALUS & VERT TRAINING CENTER whose core business is Manpower Development; concentrating on special job related skills to improve working practices, productivity and inter-personal skills.